Universities can match the positive impact of athletic success… for a hefty price
In his 2013 study, Doug Chung of the Harvard Business School discussed “The Flutie Effect” – the phenomenon of athletic success driving increased applications to a university, named after the 30 percent surge in applications Boston College experienced after Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary heave toppled mighty Miami in 1984. Chung cites numerous examples of this effect at schools big and small, public and private.
This spike in applications following high-level athletic success allows more selectivity in admissions and may attract more qualified applications as judged by standardized test scores.
Athletic success certainly isn’t the only way by which universities can achieve these positive effects but, in another study, Pope and Pope compared the increase in SAT scores sent to a school by prospective students in the wake of athletic success to other prominent decision-drivers for prospective students.
Greatness in athletics is one proven method to help build stronger universities. We see potential for Gopher Athletics to achieve greatness, but this requires modern resources for all 750 Gopher student-athletes. Our Nothing Short of Greatness campaign is asking for private contributions to fund these projects, which supports the type of successes that produce the positive effects highlighted above. In this way, greatness in Gopher Athletics creates a stronger University of Minnesota.
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Jerry Kill
Head Football Coach
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