Greatness in Gopher Athletics supports a stronger University, which helps create a stronger Minnesota
The University of Minnesota is the economic engine for the entire state. Our impact comes from educating people who spread throughout Minnesota to develop new ideas or start their own businesses.
Gopher Athletics plays a unique role in creating that impact by unifying those connected to the U of M as virtually no other area of the University can and serving as a highly visible representation of the entire institution. Greatness in athletics complements greatness for a university and, in the case of Minnesota, greatness for our University is integral to greatness for our state.
The University of Minnesota provides tremendous value to our state, portraying all of Minnesota in a positive light, and nowhere is success for the University seen by more people or on a larger scale than through Gopher Athletics. Greatness in athletics provides an incredibly powerful platform from which we can share all of the successes of the University, showcasing Minnesota throughout the country (and the world) as a place for innovators and industry leaders. In this way, greatness for Gopher Athletics not only helps build a stronger University, but also a stronger Minnesota.
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We’re all looking for leaders on our teams but then, when inevitably their sporting careers are done, they’re going to be in a really strong place to come out and have a wonderful impact on their community moving forward.
Hugh McCutcheon
Head Volleyball Coach
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