Our Athletes Village project is building critical development facilities for our student-athletes. It’s these development facilities where our student-athletes spend the vast majority of their time studying, practicing and honing the skills they need to achieve greatness.

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Designed to prepare all Gopher student-athletes for a lifetime of leadership and community involvement, this innovative center will provide significantly more space for our student-athletes and a supportive environment that builds academic success, focuses on developing leaders, and fosters healthy lifestyles. The Land O’Lakes Center for Excellence will strengthen the whole student, preparing them for greatness throughout their lives.
Academic Center – Drastically larger than our current academic area, featuring more study and tutoring areas, increased classroom space and a state-of-the-art technology lab.
Leadership Center – The new home of our student-athlete development programs and leadership training will provide training spaces, conference rooms and a board room for programs that promote leadership, life skills and community service.
Nutrition Center – Replacing improvised nutrition stations scattered across campus, this brand-new space will be home to a training table (dining area) and nutrition programs that ensure student-athletes receive the dietary guidance and daily nutrition they need for top athletic performance and a lifetime of good health.
Comprised of two buildings – the Football Indoor Practice Facility and the Football Performance Center – this everyday home for Gopher Football will be a source of pride for our football program and an incredible asset for recruiting and preparing student-athletes to excel.
Football Indoor Practice Facility
Dedicated Indoor Field – Providing year-round training and practice opportunities while opening many hours in existing indoor space to other Gopher programs and student-athletes.
Football Performance Center
Strength and Conditioning Space – Featuring advanced equipment designed for teaching the latest training techniques and meeting the specific physical demands of football.
Sports Medicine Area – Benefiting Gopher student-athletes with the latest injury prevention technology and practices, as well as treatment for recovery.
Team Room and Locker Room – Located in the same building as training areas, with ample space for student-athletes to prepare for practice and spend time bonding as a team.
Fully Equipped Support Offices and Meeting Rooms – Providing improved spaces for coaches to conduct pre-game preparation and post-game review with individuals, position groups and the entire team.
Recruiting Room – Fully showcasing the greatness of Gopher Football to future Gopher student-athletes, while providing a comfortable experience for them and their families.
As the primary hub for Gopher Men’s Basketball and Gopher Women’s Basketball, this center will equip both of our basketball programs with the space, amenities and technology our student-athletes need to realize their full potential.
Dedicated Practice Courts – With 1.5 courts for the men’s team and 1.5 courts for the women’s team, student-athletes will have access to practice space without scheduling around other teams or University events as they presently do.
Strength and Conditioning Space – Furnished with cutting-edge equipment tailored to the unique needs of basketball to teach the latest training techniques and maximize workouts.
Team Room and Locker Room – Located immediately next to practice areas, creating convenient, modern areas for student-athletes to prepare for practice and hang out as a team.
Fully Equipped Support Offices and Meeting Rooms – Giving our coaches and support staff the spaces and technology needed for optimum pre-game preparation and post-game analysis.
Recruiting Room – Highlighting and celebrating the history and accomplishments of both Gopher men’s and women’s basketball to future Gopher student-athletes, while offering a comfortable experience for them and their families.
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