Gopher student-athletes invest an incredible number of hours working in our development facilities – our academic center, practice areas, etc. – but those facilities create unnecessary challenges for them, challenges modern facilities could alleviate.
Most pressing, these facilities are overcrowded and outdated. The illustrations below highlight both of these challenges.
Since the Bierman Field Athletic Building was constructed in 1972, the number of student-athletes who use the facility has more than doubled.
Our current academic center is 11,700 sq ft, servicing 720 student-athletes. Compared to many of our Big Ten peers, this is woefully small.

11,700 sq ft.

28,240 sq ft.

31,000 sq ft.

35,000 sq ft.

38,000 sq ft.

50,000 sq ft.

Gibson-Nagurski opening – 1985
There’s a lot of information in the timeline below, which details when Big Ten schools built development facilities, such as academic centers, but here is a snapshot:
12 Big Ten schools have built new academic centers in the past 19 years. Our building is 44 years old.
10 Big Ten schools have built new basketball development facilities in the past 20 years. We have never had a basketball development facility.
All 13 of our Big Ten peers have built or significantly renovated their football development facilities in the past 22 years. Ours is more than 30 years old.
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