Gibson-Nagurski opening – 1985
While our gameday venues are among the finest in the Big Ten, our development facilities for Gopher student-athletes are behind our conference peers… far behind in some cases. Our facilities are much older than most in the Big Ten.
Below is a timeline of when Big Ten schools built current academic centers, football development centers and basketball development centers. There’s a lot of information to explore, but here is a snapshot:
12 Big Ten schools have built new academic centers in the past 17 years. Our building is 42 years old.
10 Big Ten schools have built new basketball development facilities in the past 18 years – six in the last five years alone. We have never had a basketball development facility.
All 13 of our Big Ten peers have built or significantly renovated their football development facilities in the past 20 years – seven in the past decade. Ours is almost 30 years old.
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